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Little Models!

  • Published June 24th, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

We just love photographing the Little Models "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" set in May and June! We are excited to announce very soon, the next set for our Little Models Club! (Have a cute kid? Want them to try being a Picture This! Little Model?) Stop in for an application!

263 S. Maine St. Fallon, NV 775-423-9700 Models get reduced sessions and prints! 

Kristin Spring, mom of Mattix and Jovi (below) said, "Picture This! is always such a fun experience. My kids always enjoy getting their pictures taken. The staff is super friendly and helpful. We love coming here and look forward to coming back."

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Senior Portrait Experience

  • Published June 23rd, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

Senior Portraits are in full swing at Picture This! and we want all the 2017 Seniors to have the best experience. At Picture This! we make every Senior Session unique! We listen to your needs and wants and create a fun day that is all about you! The staff at Picture This! has had some of their best times creating new ideas with high school senior clients and their families! We can make all of your ideas come to life! 

Call now to book your Senior Session 775-423-9700

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Heidi & Ashlea Wedding Part 1

  • Published June 8th, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

This love started 2 years ago at a popular country concert called Night In The Country, Heidi was there with friends and Ashlea was working the event. A mutual friend introduced Heidi to Ashlea and the attraction was instant. Two days later, Ashlea Facebook messaged Heidi and said, "I think you're pretty, okay bye." Those words started it all! Not long after that message, Heidi and Ashlea started to hang out and it did not take Ashlea long to ask Heidi to be her girlfriend.Heidi did not come up with the traditional yes or no answer but instead said, "Are you ready to jump on this crazy rollercoaster called life?" Ashlea was ready and jumped right on that rollercoaster of life with Heidi by her side! 

The fun never stopped for these two and they kept falling for each other even more. November 2015 came quickly and that was the special month that Heidi would become Ashlea's fiance. Ashlea surprised Heidi with a beautiful evening proposal on a beach in Bahrain. Ashlea started off this special night by giving a heartwarming video that she made for Heidi. As the video came to an end Heidi turned around to see Ashlea on one knee, with a gorgeous ring in hand, and then came the BIG question, "Heidi, will you marry me?" Heidi said, "YES!" (OF COURSE). Things could not be any more perfect the candlelit beach in Bahrain. 

Fast forward to the wedding day!

These two beauties were so nervous but absolutely ready to see each other during their First Look Portraits at Peg's house. As Ashlea crept up behind blindfolded Heidi, everyone could feel the excitement in the air, Heidi was ready to see her bride and Ashlea was more than ready for their first embrace. Their reaction was absolutely perfect, their eyes were filled with tears of joy, and hearts filled with love. Their first look was the perfect time for the two love birds to have this moment just for themselves, without any distractions to relax in each other's embrace. Ashlea was in a beautiful lace strapless gown and a pair of sparkly dark blue heels (That was her surprise for Heidi, it is her favorite color!) Once these beautiful brides saw each other, they could not keep their eyes..or hands off of each other. It was beautiful!  

After the beautiful portrait session together, it was time to GET MARRIED! The wedding took place on May 7, 2016. It was a day that the weather was supposed to be rainy, but as Heidi & Ashlea both said, "God blessed them with a perfect day". The weather turned out to be just what they wanted & everything was coming together beautifully. Friends and family slowly filled the wedding venue to watch the ceremony. Heidi took her place, waited for her soon-to-bride anxiously, and as their song was sung Ashlea started down the aisle to join hands with Heidi. The lighting of the ceremony was beautiful and many happy tears were shed as Heidi & Ashlea said their 'I Dos'. Their first kiss as wife and wife started off an amazing evening of celebrating love! 

Peg, Stacy, Michael, and Jonealle are so happy we were able to celebrate such a beautiful day with two of the sweetest girls out there. Picture This! loved creating these treasured memories for Heidi & Ashlee. We hope to always be a part of your lives and wish you the best and only happiness in your very long marriage. 

Ashlea said this about her experience at Picture This!:
"When Heidi told me that she really wanted to do the first look photos, I will say I was skeptical. I was a somewhat traditional person even though the wedding  was non traditional one. Obviously! However, when I first met Peg and she told me all about the first look and showed me pictures, she made me understand and feel more comfortable about the idea of having those precious moments with Heidi. And let me say, I was so happy, beyond happy, we decided to do the first look. Heidi had been so busy planning and getting everything as close as perfect as she could, that I felt like we were missing the togetherness we deserved with each other.  I didn't want the reason we were getting married to be lost in all the busyness of it all. But when I saw her and she saw me, with no one but Peg and her amazing staff around, all of our togetherness fell right back into place. Peg is beyond.. beyond amazing and we were so blessed she and her staff took us under their wings. Thank you to all of you ladies, and of course to Michael for being a tremendous support to them. When we feel that our togetherness is not where it should be, we will be able to look at the beautiful art Peg blessed us with, and we will yet again be able to come back together. We loved our day, and we love u gals! Thank u 1000 times." Ashlea
Heidi said this about her Picture This! Experience:
"I myself was so excited about doing the first look, mainly because I was looking forward to capturing that moment, but also so I could have a break from all of the craziness of getting the wedding together. I was looking forward to having that one on one time with Ashlea before we got to the wedding so I could put all of my love and focus on her before I had to share it with all of our friends and family. And also so I could have the first look at her by myself 😉 Peg, Stacy, Michael,and Jonealle made that experience AMAZING!! Getting to turn around and see Ashlea in all of her glowing beauty brought an amazing feeling of joy to my heart and major butterflies in my stomach. Being able to enjoy the hour alone with just her and I and having fun together without the crowd was such a wonderful experience. Having the amazing Picture This crew at our wedding made for a fun wedding. They did their own thing on capturing our wedding without even being noticed, it was great! Also having the photo booth was such a fun and exciting add-on! Everyone at our wedding enjoyed taking some time away from the loving ceremony to have some fun and dress up! I would highly recommend it! Being able to skype into the studio to view our pictures was such a wonderful time. The slideshow that peg put together showcasing our images was so creative and magical and brought back all of the emotions and happiness that I had on the day of our wedding. I am truly happy and pleased and grateful that we chose Picture This to capture our wedding and can't wait to showcase the amazing photos in our new home! Thank you so much to such an amazing team and for being such great friends of mine for such a long time! I love yall dearly!!"

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Judy Lott

  • Published June 8th, 2016 by Peg Buckner

We just loved working with Judy Lott for her beautiful portraits! She has been wanting to have her portraits done for years and finally treated herself special and all of her kids and grandkids are happy about that!! This is what Judy said about her Picture This! experience: "I have never experienced anything like this! I couldn't be more delighted that the pictures were so nice. I have always been anxious about my droopy eyelid. Since Peg can retouch this for me, I feel so good! Thank you so much Peg. Sincerely, Judy Lott" 

Photography by Peg Buckner Picture This! Makeup by Jonealle Buchan

Call now 775-423-9700 for Priceless Portraits of you or your loved ones!


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The Mills Family

  • Published June 1st, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

The Mills Family have been such awesome clients of Picture This! for many years. Cameron Mills had his Senior Portraits taken at Picture This! and is now having his own family grow while Picture This! captures the beautiful memories. We hope to forever be a part of The Mills life as they are a large part of the Picture This! family. 

Call now to book your Family Session at Picture This! 775-423-9700

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$99 Father's Day Special

  • Published May 31st, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

$99 Father's Day Special


Not sure what to get the man who has everything for Father's Day? What about gifting that awesome Daddy the Picture This! $99 Father's Day Portrait Special!?!?

Beautiful Moms I know that you love nothing more than seeing your children cozy up to Dad's chest at the end of the day. Watching Dad play dress up with his girls or catch with his boys is a memory that you will forever cherish. Picture This! will photograph these wonderful memories in a very special photography session.

Dads you can also purchase this just for you and your little ones to celebrate yourself on your very special day. This would be a fun and exciting day for you and your children to share together.

We want all Dads to be appreciated this Father's Day with our PORTRAIT SPECIAL! For just $99, Dads will receive a 1 hour portrait session with the little ones that melt his heart, and one of our TOP sellers! (Total Regular Value $300). $150 non-refundable holding fee due when session is booked, this will be your print credit to use during your order session.

Call Picture This! Studio & Gallery now to book 775-423-9700

**We are offering UNLIMITED sessions at this discounted value from now until June 21st.**

263 S. Maine St, Fallon, NV 89406

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Happy Birthday Stacy!

  • Published May 28th, 2016 by Jonealle Buchan

The beautiful Stacy Harriman turns the FABULOUS 50 today! 

We love you so much and Picture This! would not be the same without you! You complete us! We wish you the best birthday! Just relax and remember you are not 50, you are 18 years old with 32 years of experience! 

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