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Jordan Senior Model

  • Published October 13th, 2016 by Cierra Leal

Meet Jordan, a 2017 Senior Model at Picture This!  He is a football player and he's quite a comedian too! We had a blast photographing Jordan!! For more information about Senior Portraits call 775-423-9700! 

December's Senior Portrait Session

  • Published October 13th, 2016 by Cierra Leal

December came to the studio with many amazning props! She brought several of the instruments that she plays. The goal for your Senior Portraits is to capture who you are at this time of your life and that's exactly what Peg did! December has so much musical talent and she looked so beautiful that day. For more information about Senior Portraits, call 775-423-9700

Alice and Wonderland Finished Product!

  • Published September 30th, 2016 by Cierra Leal

This is a wonderful portrait that Peg took from our Alice and Wonderland Apocalyptic Shoot! The lake and tree in the background were so beautiful! And check out that lighting! 

Alice and Wonderland 2017 Senior Model Shoot

  • Published September 27th, 2016 by Cierra Leal

On September 18, the Picture This! Senior Models got together at Lake Lahontan for our Alice and Wonderland Apocalyptic photo shoot. I was so excited and it was a blast! We all met at Pegs's house dressed in our costumes to head out to the lake. Six cars with models carpooled together and we looked at the beaches to find the perfect spot for the shoot. We ended up choosing Beach 1 with a beautiful Cottonwood tree and the lake in the background. Everyone piled out of their vehicles and I finally got to see their full costumes for the shoot. I was even more excited than I was before, because the outfits were amazing. Senior Model Cora, aka the Red Queen for this shoot, was ordained in a red and black tutu, covered in glitter and gems. Amber, aka Alice, was in a beautiful blue dress and a cute little bow in her blonde hair. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Jessica and Josh, showed up in striped knee high socks and suspenders. The one and only Mad Hatter was Jordan. His costume consisted of several layers and, of course, the infamous top hat. He even wore mismatched shoes to get into character. The Cheshire Cat was Vivian. Her knitted cat ears and striped leggings made the costume perfect. I was the White Rabbit and I dressed slightly formal with a pocket watch and bunny ears to top it all off.

After eating a few snacks, we all started to set up for the shoot. There was a beach table already on scene and we used a few card tables to create the Tea Party scene from the movie. Brightly colored table cloths and table trinkets were our main props. From cake trays and teapots to candelabras and leather bound books, we had a great collection of quirky stuff. Peg even brought real cupcakes and a red velvet cake to top it all off!

After everything was set up in a somewhat organized but slightly chaotic manner on the table, the seven Senior Models took their seats as Peg got the camera ready. She did some light testing shots and then started to really hone in on our creation. We all looked at the camera, then looked at Mad Hatter. It was so hard to be serious because our Mad Hatter kept making us laugh! A couple more shots and then the Cheshire Cat was climbing a tree. Vivian thought it would be a good idea for the Cat to be perched in the Cottonwood tree behind us. She sat above us all with the wide grin the Chesire Cat is known for and we all posed again. Then it was on to the individual shots.

Since Vivian was already in the tree, she went first. The Red Queen went next. Her high to low tutu was flowing behind her as Peg got a shot of her coming through the shrubs. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum went next, The duo posed together for a few shots and then separate. Then it was Alice's turn. She posed with  a blue glass bottle that said "Drink Me." just like in the movie! I went after that. Making sure my bunny ears were standing up, I looked at my pocket watch as Peg took a few shots. Last but not least, Mad Hatter went, mismatched shoes and all. After each of us had an individual photograph, the lighting was still good so we grouped up again with the lake to our back. All of us stood together as Peg captured our shots in the last of the good lighting. That was a wrap! The shoot was so much fun and the shots turned out great! It was time to get packed up and head home. We called it a night for our Alice and Wonderland Apocalyptic shoot! 

All three of the above photo are from Peg's Snapchat on her iPhone. Check back often to see more from this shoot. 

Beautiful Newborn Janae

  • Published September 21st, 2016 by Peg Buckner

Meet baby Janae! She was born to Alyssa and Charles Parmenter! We just loved photographing her recently and want you to enjoy seeing her portraits too! We love newborn babies at Picture This! We provide beautiful products like baby announcements, portrait boxes and more! Call now to schedule any baby portrait from newborn to toddler! 775-423-9700

Jessica Senior Model!

  • Published September 13th, 2016 by Peg Buckner

We love our #Fleek Jessica!! She is so much fun and loves to dance! Meet Jessica Goudswaard, one of our amazing Senior Models! Call now for your senior portraits! 775-423-9700

Amber Senior Model!

  • Published September 9th, 2016 by Peg Buckner

We love our #Picasso!!  She loves to paint and she is a great swimmer too!  Meet Amber Revels, one of our amazing Senior Models!!! Call for Senior Portraits now! 775-423-9700